Where Lessons are Offered:
– Your home – Los Gatos and Scotts Valley, CA. I offer lessons focused on hand technique with a drum pad and sticks and travel to your home. If you have a kit, I can also bring a travel kit for a more complete lesson.
– Skype – I offer lessons via Skype on a fully mic’d drum kit so that I can demonstrate any patterns. Skype is a great platform for lessons.
– In my drum studio – In the luscious Santa Cruz mountains.
– First lesson is half price and the third lesson is free. My aim is to basically give 3 half price lessons for you to decide if we’re a good match. If at the end of three lessons you feel that it was a complete waste of your time I’ll refund the entire amount paid to date.
– In Your Home – $55/55min, $35/30min – If I bring a travelling kit $65/55min
– Skype – $55/55min, $35/30min
– Dan’s Drum Studio – $50/55min